If you want a statement piece, then look no further than the mosaic! 

Not for the faint hearted, not scared to take a risk, then you should seriously consider a feature in your home or space that will definitely pop! 


It can be easy to get lost in the beauty of ancient paintings. The complexity, the colour, and the shapes can be fascinating. However, it’s even more incredible to learn that some of these are not paintings at all. Rather than creating images by adding pigment to a flat surface, some artists created patterns or shapes by arranging hundreds to thousands of tiny, coloured tiles. We call this art form a mosaic, a decorated surface made up of individual pieces. It’s a unique art form and one which can produce incredible results.

It is a beautiful art form, but where did it come from? From what we can tell, mosaics have been around for a very long time, perhaps as long as architecture itself. The oldest mosaics we’ve found date to the 3rd millennium BCE, in a temple in Mesopotamia. These ancient mosaics were made of stones, shells, and ivory, most of which were locally available products. 

Mosaic tiles can easily bring a classic vintage feel to your project.

Today, mosaics have developed into a popular craft and art, and are not limited to professionals. Today’s artisans and crafters work with stone, ceramics, shells, art glass, mirror, beads, and even odd items like doll parts, pearls, or photographs.

While ancient mosaics tended to be architectural, modern mosaics are found covering everything from park benches and flower pots to guitars and bicycles. Items can be as small as an earring or as large as a house.


Today mosaics are still a popular art form.


To learn more about the mosaic as the hero of your floor or wall space, we talk to Lou Milton of Shetiles – who came to Byron ten years ago and fell in love with the landscape, the place and the people. Now based in Federal, with her partner and daughter, Lou is known for her craft-person-ship and her detail.

With 17 years of experience and a passion for all things tiles, Lou has some wisdom to part about how to change a room by adding a mosaic. Lou has used in them to create kitchen glass tile mosaic backsplashes, features in bathrooms or even around fireplaces or to create a unique feature within a home.

Lou says mosaics are a for people who like to take risks and make a statement. It’s not for the faint hearted and if you are someone that is drawn to perfection and perfect lines then this may not be the tile for you. However, they are an instant statement piece which is what Lou personally loves about them. There are huge choices of mosaics on the market to choose from.They pack a punch and immediately draw the eye and for many they are viewed as a luxurious tile to have installed. For that reason, it’s important that the finish is of a high quality and your tiler is confident in the process of laying mosaic tiles.

These mosaics certainly pack a punch and make a statement.

Lou also has some excellent advice about laying mosaics. The floors and walls need to be smooth and of a good finish as mosaics will for the most part follow every curve and imperfection should there be any. The process uses much less adhesive so tiles cannot be “packed out” as a larger format tile could be. The mixture and consistency of the adhesive is also very important. Too runny and the mosaics will shift and slump (especially on walls) and too dry a mixture and the tiles will come loose over time. Hence a competent tiler here is key to its success!

Lou from Shetile has used tile mosaics for backsplashes, features in bathrooms or even around fireplaces.

The grouting finish is also really important as this is the final finish to the tiling process. Mosaics generally use a much larger volume of grout due to their smaller size so grout lines need to be crisp and cleanly wiped away to ensure the mosaic really stands out as it should. It’s all about time and attention to detail.

Lou believes, that with mosaics, you can create beautiful art work that is durable and low maintenance. 

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