Colorful Hexagonal Wall Tiles Made From Wood Wool Absorb Sound

In any building, may it be residential or office, privacy always matters. But in this kind of environment, it is somewhat difficult to keep your matters private. Besides, walls have ears. Private discussions are definitely not safe especially if your neighbors are the most curious ones. But the great news is, innovative sound-absorbing wall tiles now exist thanks to Swedish industrial design studio Form Us With Love.

So what do these sound-absorbing wall tiles have to offer? These modular tiles are made from sustainable wood wool which is not only eco-friendly but can also absorb sound. Plus, they come in hexagonal shapes to add a contemporary touch to your walls. Not to mention, these hexagonal tiles come in different colors to bring more life to your room. Form Us With Love is working with Baux (a building material company) and Träullit (sustainable material manufacturer). This collaboration aims to bring forward cost-effective, acoustical wall tiles for homes and office rooms.

These sound-absorbing wall tiles are made from spruce wood fibers and cement, a combination that creates sound-absorbing property. By placing these modular panels on your walls, you can ensure good acoustics inside while keeping external noises at bay. Furthermore, these hexagonal panels are resistant to moisture and fire.

Modular tiles made from wood wool can absorb sound and create a stylish contemporary design

Aside from hexagonal shape, these panels also come in other shapes such as triangle, square, circle, and many more. Adorn your walls with colorful panels and keep your private discussions safe by using these sound-absorbing wall tiles. Check out the company website to learn more about these wood wool tiles.

Article Source: Awesome Inventions