How do you create a personal space with Rustic Charm?


Today, we are privileged to chat with Nikki Cheney, a Byron local, about her newly renovated ensuite. Nikki’s finished space resonates with those of us who love a rustic feel to a room. Warm colours, contrasted with rich terracotta tiles and accessories that reflect a bygone era with a modern flair!

Starting the Process …

Let’s explore the details of Nikki’s design and some options you could use to create your very own Rustic Charm space!

A good place to start is by establishing your team – your suppliers – who will work with you to design your space and bring it to life.

Byron Bay Tiles will not only be one of your key suppliers but they have years of experience and connections to support you throughout the process, connecting you with other key people within this industry.


View of Nikki’s basin in her en-suite.


Number One  – Choosing your style

When designing your space, you’ll need to first consider the style you are trying to emulate. In Nikki’s case, Rustic Charm is a modern rustic space, with as much open space as possible, modern furniture that has reflections of a bygone time, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. The colour scheme is very simple, attempting to bring the outdoors in. This style has an informal elegance – comfortable and modern living at its best!

A flat lay is when you pull together colour schemes and accessories such as tap ware and tiles to start to build an overall design palette.

Nikki actually started by choosing her tile – the Saltillo, 65 x 220mm! This led to her designing around the warmth of the terracotta tile. 


Nikki’s flat lay includes various Saltillo tiles, brass floor waste and a brass tall mixer. 

To find out more, visit Pinterest for Rustic Charm themed bathrooms.

Number Two – choosing the elements of your space 

Once you have created a scheme or palette in your chosen theme or style, then it’s time to choose the essential elements that will finish your space. Here, I’ll take you through some of the key areas and we’ll hear from Nikki about her choices.

1. Focus on your floor

Think about it: The floor is one of the largest swaths of real estate in any space. Instead of choosing the typical plain porcelain tile or wood flooring, consider taking advantage of this surface by adding patterned tile for style and character.

If you’d like to create a beautiful, personalised rustic ensuite or any space, consider including Cotto Tiles. Using this type of material can be an effective way to create a space that generates warmth and is inviting to be in. Terracotta is a sturdy product and there are so many options you can explore in this range. 

Regardless of your pattern choice, these tiles make a statement whether confined to a small area such as bathroom or generously covering the floors in a kitchen. ~ Rose Garofano


Let’s hear from Nikki about her choice of Terracotta tile.


Below are some pictures of Nikki’s Terracotta ensuite floor. A patterned floor tile can turn a simple bathroom into a showstopper, as shown in this photo from Nikki’s renovation. (A solid tile or wood floor wouldn’t have had as much visual interest.)



In this ensuite from Byron Bay Tiles, the orange tones in the tile harmonises with the black and blue finishes of the room. Because there are no clashing colours, the herringbone pattern gracefully gives the room a dose of personality.

Designer tip: When selecting a patterned tile for your floor, choose a colour palette that complements existing finishes. This is important because if the tile colours are too discordant with the overall scheme, the pattern on the large floor area may overwhelm the space.

Click on the images and you can explore the full range available through Byron Bay Tiles.

“You can also work with a designer to choose your tile sets” ~ Rose Garofano

2. Define your wall spaces

The back side of your bathroom  is an often overlooked surface for decor. If your wall lacks cabinetry on one side, this can be the perfect place for a clever design detail – which, in fact, turns out to be pretty functional.

Nikki used a simple design and colour painted panelling that was also cost effective, which allowed her to splurge more on her floor tile – Feature  


Rustic Bathroom

3. Accent your bathroom feature wall.

Bathroom walls often are a single, solid colour. This can make quite a statement in terms of simplicity and maintains the rustic theme. You can change the direction of the laid tile to elongate the space. This is very powerful in small spaces like ensuites or bathrooms. You also can take the opportunity to use accessories to highlight the space, such as those chosen by Nikki in her ensuite.

As Nikki sustained her paneling choice across the whole ensuite – I have added some examples of feature walls that are within the Rustic theme for you to explore further. 


Black Betonart Tiles

Art Black, Art Carpet C, All Porcelain. 20×20

Cala Old Rose Tiles

Decorative Old Rosa used also for features. 20×20

4. Style out your accessorie

If committing to a patterned tile on your floor or entire backsplash seems too daunting, look to make a dramatic statement with the type of basin, tap ware and towel holders


One way to maintain a rustic feel is to / another level of depth is to use brushed brass tap ware by Norico.


Designer Tip:  Showcase your open shelving and tiled wall by placing a sconce above the shelves. The glass wall sconce above the reclaimed-wood shelving brings a hint of glamour to this wall. White accessories complete the fresh look.


Nikki’s rustic choices maintain a consistency within the space, but are also aesthetic to the eye. Listen to Nikki talk about Tap-ware and Basins in the video below.


5. Accentuate with lighting options 

Not the first choice when designing your space, but certainly an absolute must is the choice of lighting to make your space both functional and stunning.

“Nikki’s choices here are simply beautiful – not over dramatic but enough to keep the room feeling like a space you can relax in.” ~ Rose Garofano 

6. Last touches 

Okay  … you have almost arrived at the end. Here are some last, must needed touches, when completing your bathroom design. Styling can be challenging, but we recommend you spend some time looking through Pinterest where you can find loads of examples to help you put in the finishing touches to your bathroom. You’ll need to think about the towels, bath accessories and any wall prints or plants that will compliment the structural choices you have made in your tile and tap ware, as well as in terms of flow across the other rooms in your house. 


Rustic Bedroom Charm


Rustic Charm ~ Your room should make you feel happy, excited and definitely comfortable.

Let’s hear from Nikki about her finished ensuite.


Final Thoughts

Nikki finds her en-suite adds a calming presence to her space and living arrangements, with a warm and rustic result making this little project a dream. The tiles, tap-ware, basin and trims are all products from Byron Bay Tiles whilst the work was completed by Joshua Fisher – his contact details are: 0422605497

If you’re thinking about doing some work on your next project and aren’t sure about where to begin, be it design, products or tilers, give us a call! We have a great team and can help you figure out how to get your dream design off the ground.



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