Sigma Tile Saw

Sigma Wet Saw Jolly includes stand and blade. Suitable for bevelling and cutting all materials in the tiling, landscaping and construction industry. The Sigma 10M9 is a lightweight space saving and easily transportable wet saw. The machine is made from strong galvanised steel which has been painted in a high resistant epoxy paint to prevent corrosion. The Sigma 10M9 has a sealed 3hp 2200 kW motor which is maintenance free. Supplied with a J slot blade. This saw does not have a conventional water pump to cool the blade its blade spins in a bath of water held under the table depositing all dust produced into the tank at the same time as cooling the blade. The water tray can easily be removed at the end of the day for cleaning. The Sigma 10M9 has a sliding table mounted on bearings which allows for a smooth and accurate cutting action for straight cuts and bevelling, the table tilts allowing for perfect bevels on a wide range of work pieces. The swivelling measurement bar supporting the work piece can also rotate up to 45 degrees in both directions and is easily removable to allow a longer cut of unlimited length.


Product Code Product Image Product Name
ART10M9 Sigma Electric Tilesaw 750mm 3hp Enquire