Sigma Spare Parts

Product Code Product Image Product Name
ART14K 19mm Sigma Spare Wheel Kera-Cut Enquire
ART14MX 19mm Sigma Wheel Enquire
10144 Anti-Friction Bearing (Ball Bearing type Enquire
108612 Clamping Knob To suit ART2B3 Enquire
283 Front Right Hand Support (Suits 3FM) Enquire
104064 Left support arm suits 3C,3D,3EM,3FM Enquire
104031 Non Marking Pad (Suits ART2C,2D) Enquire
104039 Non Marking Pad (Suits ART2G) Enquire
104033 Non Marking Pad (Suits ART24E,24AE) Enquire
104032 Non Marking Pad Pair (Suits ART2A,2B) Enquire
1079104 Nut to suit Sigma Clamping Knob Enquire
104065 Right support arm suits 3C,3D,3EM,3FM Enquire
20 Sigma Adjustment Bolt (6,5,5A,5B,3A,3B) Enquire
20A Sigma AdjustmentBolt (4A,4B,3C,3D,3EK) Enquire
ART92 Sigma Clamping Knob Enquire
108616 Sigma Clamping Knob (Suits 2G) Enquire
108621 Sigma Clamping Knob (Suits 3A,3B,3C,3D) Enquire
108613 Sigma Clamping Knob-suits 9M-10M Enquire
ART90 Sigma Diagonal Arm (Suits 4A) Enquire
ART90LA Sigma Diagonal Arm (Suits Art 3A) Enquire
ART90LB Sigma Diagonal Arm (Suits Art 3B) Enquire
ART90LC Sigma Diagonal Arm (Suits Art 3C) Enquire
ART90LD Sigma Diagonal Arm (Suits Art 3D) Enquire
ART90DG Sigma Diagonal Arm (Suits ART2G) Enquire
ART90LE Sigma Diagonal Arm suits 3EM Enquire
ART17 Sigma Extension Arm (Suits 6, 5) Enquire
ART17D Sigma Extension Arm (Suits 90D) Enquire
ART24AE Sigma Handle (Sts 4A, 4B,3C,3D) Ergo Enquire
ART24C Sigma Handle (Suits 2A, 2B) Enquire
ART24D Sigma Handle (Suits 2C, 2D) Enquire
ART24E Sigma Handle (Suits 6,5,5A,5B,3A,3B)Ergo Enquire
ART24B Sigma Handle (Suits 7A) Enquire
ART24F Sigma Handle (Suits 7F, 2G) Enquire
ART24M20 Sigma Handle (Suits ART 3FM) Enquire
ART24M15 Sigma Handle - 15mm Groove Enquire
ART24K Sigma Handle Klick Klock (Suits 3A,3B) Enquire
ART19B Sigma Square (Suits 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D) Enquire
ART19A Sigma Square (Suits 5A, 5B, 4A, 4B) Enquire
ART19C Sigma Square (Suits ART 2G) Enquire
ART19D Sigma Square (Suits Art3A,3B,3C,3D) Enquire
ART19F Sigma Square (Suits ART7F) Enquire
ART19 Sigma Square (Suits7A, 6, 5) Enquire
ART14A Sigma Wheel & Axle 12mm Enquire
ART14T Sigma Wheel & Axle 12mm Titanium Enquire
ART14C Sigma Wheel & Axle 16mm Enquire
ART24AK SigmaHandle KlickKlock to suit (3CK,3DK) Enquire
104058 Teflon Non Marking Pad suits 3EM Enquire