Rodia Tilesaws

This professional stainless steel mosaic tile cutting system is perfect for a fast dust free cut of mosaic tiles This system comes complete with a wet/dry angle grinder with PRCD (Electric safety system) switch, 1 dry blade for ceramic mosaics, 1 wet blade for glass mosaics and 1 water supply tank including hose with quick coupling.


Product Code Product Image Product Name
R.00.10.116 Rodia MS 60 Mosaic Cutter Enquire
R.00.20.715 Rodia Plinth Cutting Unit to suit 207 RS Enquire
R.00.25.915 Rodia Plinth Cutting Unit to suit 259RS Enquire
R.11.12.201 Rodia Red 200mm Cont. Rim w/- Flange Enquire