Rodia Tile Saw – 250mm Blade

This powerful 3HP direct drive electric tilesaw is constructed of stainless steel and aluminium to ensure the highest standard of quality is met and to guarantee a rust-proof saw. Fitted with a 250mm blade capable of cutting 50mm thickness. With a plunge cutting capabilities and has an integrated Miter Cutting Capability this saw cuts with ease marble, granite and the hardest of tiles. Optional Accessories include: • Side table 400 x 400mm for additional support for large tiles. • Plinth unit for precise mitre cuts of 45° and 60°.


Product Code Product Image Product Name
R.00.25.902 Rodia 259RSHP 900mm 3HP Tilesaw Enquire
R.00.25.122 Rodia 2512RSHP 1200mm 3HP Tilesaw Enquire
R.00.25.153 Rodia 2515RSHP 1500mm 3HP Tilesaw Enquire