Rodia Spare Parts

Replacement tungsten scoring wheels for manual Rodia cutters and Spider series.


Product Code Product Image Product Name
R.6509011 Rodia Clamping/Locking Knob Enquire
R.6509065 Rodia Clamping/Locking Lever Enquire
R.6509012 Rodia Cutting Guide/Angle Gauge Enquire
R.6506100 Rodia End Cap Enquire
R.6516022 Rodia Flange Set Enquire
R.6509070 Rodia Handle And Support Set Enquire
R.6505261 Rodia Motor Height Adjustment Suits 207 Enquire
R.6513285 Rodia On/Off Switch Enquire
R.6510185 Rodia Plug With Chain Enquire
R.00.10.006 Rodia Scoring Wheel 6mm Enquire
R.00.10.010 Rodia Scoring Wheel 10mm Enquire
R.00.10.018 Rodia Scoring Wheel 18mm Enquire
R.00.10.210 Rodia Scoring Wheel TITANIUM 10mm Enquire
R.00.25.905 Rodia Side Support Table 400 x 400mm Enquire
R.00.20.710 Rodia Side Support Table 570x145mm Enquire
R.6505265 Rodia Teflon Roller Set Suits 207RS Enquire
R.6510022 Rodia Water Flow Valve Enquire
R.6513295 Rodia Water Pump Enquire