Brass Angle Perforated – Mill Finish

A Brass profile for protecting and finishing tiled corners and edges. Provides a decorative finish and protects adjacent tile edges. Can be used in areas of high mechanical stress. Resistant to most chemicals. Suitable for exterior use. Features a perforated anchoring leg for securing in adhesive or mortar bond below the tiled surface.


Product Code Product Image Product Name
B8-3 L Profile Brass 8mm Natural Finish x 3m Enquire
B10-3 L Profile Brass 10mm Natural Finish x 3m Enquire
B12.5-3 L Profile Brass 12.5mm Natural Finish x Enquire
B15-3 L Profile Brass 15mm Natural Finish x 3m Enquire
B18.5-3 L Profile Brass 18.5mm Natural Finish x Enquire
B22-3 L Profile Brass 22mm Natural Finish x 3m Enquire