Aluminium Expansion Joints – Buff Neoprene

High performance aluminium industrial grade movement joint with two anchoring legs and neoprene infill providing excellent movement absorption and tile edge protection. Infill is bonded to metal giving exceptional performance in expansion, compression and point loading. Suitable for high traffic industrial/commercial applications.


Product Code Product Image Product Name
MJ9ABU All-Joint Aluminium 9mm Buff x 3m Enquire
MJ10ABU All-Joint Aluminium 10mm Buff x 3m Enquire
MJ11ABU All-Joint Aluminium 11mm Buff x 3m Enquire
MJ12ABU All-Joint Aluminium 12mm Buff x 3m Enquire
MJ15ABU All-Joint Aluminium 15mm Buff x 3m Enquire
MJ18ABU All-Joint Aluminium 18.5mm Buff x 3m Enquire
MJ22ABU All-Joint Aluminium 22mm Buff x 3m Enquire