All-Curve Polished

A Stainless Steel profile for protecting and finishing tiled corners and edges. Provides a decorative finish and protects adjacent tile edges. Features a perforated anchoring leg for securing in adhesive or mortar bond below the tiled surface.


Product Code Product Image Product Name
SSRP8-304 All-Curve Profile 304 S/Steel 8mm Polish Enquire
SSRP10-304 All-Curve Profile 304 S/Steel 10mm Polis Enquire
SSRP12.5-304 All-Curve Profile 304 S/Steel 12mm Polis Enquire
SSRP8-316 All-Curve Profile 316 S/Steel 8mm Polish Enquire
SSRP10-316 All-Curve Profile 316 S/Steel 10mm Polis Enquire
SSRP12.5-316 All-Curve Profile 316 S/Steel 12mm Polis Enquire