As mosaic come in sheets they are now an attainable luxury. Your en-suite feature of a niche in pink marble, the bathroom floor a Carrara herringbone. Colour on your staircase rises in something surprising, you be the artist. We love what we do and we cannot wait to see what you will do next.

An excellent interpretation of vein and cross cut travertine.
Material: Full Bodied Porcelain
Finish: Natural, Semi-Polished
Slip Rating: Available



Color Variations

Tivoli - Walnut

Tivoli - White

Tivoli - Silver

Tivoli - White, Mosaic

Tivoli - White, Millerighe

Tivoli - White, Giunco

Tivoli - Walnut, Mosaic

Tivoli - Walnut, Giunco

Tivoli - Walnut, Millerighe

Tivoli - Mix, Mosaic

Tivoli - Beige, Mosaic

Tivoli - Beige, Giunco

Tivoli - Beige, Millerighe

Tivoli - Beige