All-Prism Polished

Stainless steel triangular trim, (polished finish available in 304 and 316 grade, brushed finish available in 304 grade only). Suits both walls and floors.


Product Code Product Image Product Name
SSCTP8-316 All-Prism Profile 316 S/Steel 8mm Polish Enquire
SSCTP10-316 All-Prism Profile 316 S/Steel 10mm Polis Enquire
SSCTP12-316 All-Prism Profile 316 S/Steel 12mm Polis Enquire
SSCTP8-304 All-Prism Profile S/Steel 8mm Polished x Enquire
SSCTP10-304 All-Prism Profile S/Steel 10mm Polished Enquire
SSCTP12-304 All-Prism Profile S/Steel 12mm Polished Enquire